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Please contact Governor Tom Corbett and members of the Pennsylvania legislature. Tell them that it's long past time for them to end the abominable cruelty of live pigeon shoots.

Governor Tom Corbett
Phone: (717) 787-2500
Fax: (717) 772-8284

Click here to find and contact your Pennsylvania state legislator

Please contact the Pennsylvania Tourism Bureau and tell them that you won't be vacationing in PA because of illegal live pigeon shoots.

1-800-847-4872 - Post on their Facebook page HERE.

Click HERE for more videos exposing pigeon shooting in Pennsylvania. Please also visit our other anti-pigeon shooting websites:
















Pennsylvania Residents: Please contact your local State legislators and ask them to support SB510. To find out who your state Senator and Representatives are, please click on this link.

Everyone else: Please contact the Pennsylvania Tourism Bureau and tell them that because of live pigeon shoots, you will be spending your tourism dollars elsewhere.


You can also comment on their Facebook page HERE.





Pigeon shoots are vile competitions where thousands of birds are shot, killed or suffer terrible wounds and crippling pain.

These innocent animals are neither fed nor given water for days before the shooting starts, so that they will be easier targets. Suffering from dehydration and starvation, they are then launched out of small wooden boxes and into a storm of gunfire. Wracked with pain from searing buckshot lacerations, some will twist and fall from the sky with broken wings and backs. Other will escape, though death comes slowly for these poor birds for it may take days for them to succumb to their wounds.

All of this suffering, all of this pain and torture, happens because a few people take pleasure in such blood sport. If we are to call ourselves a civilized society, then we must forever ban live pigeon shoots.













SHARK Rescues Pigeons from Pigeon Shoot Massacre!

In the aftermath of the September 30th pigeon Shoot, SHARK was able to rescue nine wounded pigeons who made it off the Wing Pointe property. One died literally seconds after we picked her up, and the other eight were rushed to get medical care.

Due to being starved and then shot, four more passed away in the following week. However, we are proud to announce that four are still alive and doing well.

If not for us being there, on the ground, these birds would have died a slow and painful death.

Here are four of the survivors of the shoot.


Massacre at Wing Pointe Canned Hunt Club on September 30, 2012 Documented by SHARK

On September 30th, 2012, SHARK investigators documented one of the most horrific pigeon shoots ever docuemnted at the Wing Pointe canned hunt resort, in very corrupt Berks County, Pennsylvania. Watch the full 20 minute video:

Watch the video of SHARK rescuing pigeons from the shoot:

Berks County District Attorney John Adams - the man responsible for this cruelty because he has used his power and authority to protect pigeon shooters from being charged with violations of PA state cruelty statutes. He has taken money from pigeon shooters and offered them protection from the law.




















































Though dying with each step she took, this brave bird flew from the killing fields to our cameraman, where her sacrifice was recorded and remembered. Click the picture to watch her story.



You Will Not Believe What This Pigeon Shooter Did!

Warning: Graphic Video Shows Pigeon Shooter Manipulating his Genitals in Public View