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Many if not most of the slob shooters at Pennsylvania's infamous live pigeon shoots come from outside the state. They use Pennsylvania as their personal toilet, because they can't get away with such abuse at home.

They blast away at victims they will never so much as touch, leaving untold numbers to die in the surrounding fields over hours or days of their wounds, of predation, exposure or whatever in clear violation of Pennsylvania Humane Laws.

What do they care? When they're done, they'll simply go home. Or at least, that's how it has always been done before. Not anymore. Now comes SHARK's Operation Bright Light.

Why call it Operation Bright Light? Because when you turn over a rock you may find a slimy, smelly fungus, but when the sunlight shines on that fungus, it dries up and blows away. Pigeon shooters are no better than a slimy, smelling fungus. We're going to shine a very bright, very hot light on pigeon shooters, especially those living outside Pennsylvania.

Please contact Governor Tom Corbett and members of the Pennsylvania legislature. Tell them that it's long past time for them to stop bowing to the NRA, and that it is time once and for all to end the abominable cruelty of live pigeon shoots.

Governor Tom Corbett
Phone: (717) 787-2500
Fax: (717) 772-8284

Visit for more information on pigeon shooting and how you can help end these vile events.

Click here to find and contact your Pennsylvania state legislator















Edward Bruce DiDonato

Click Here to Access the Tax Court Document

Please politely contact Rider University President Mordechai Rozanski and ask him if Edward Bruce DiDonato really represents Rider's sense of ethics and morality. Please let us know about any response.

Mordechai Rozanski
Rider University
Phone: (609)896-5001

Watch the DiDonato video by clicking on the picture:





President of the vile Philadelphia Gun Club, Clark G. Travers.



Watch the video and then please contact the Princeton National Rowing Association and tell them what you think about a cruel pigeon shooter being on their Board of Directors:

Princeton National Rowing Association 1 South Post Road Princeton Junction, NJ 08550

Kristopher Grudt, Executive Director: 609-799-7100 x100

Ted Sobolewski, Manager of Rowing Programs: 609-799-7100 x101





















Ex-NRA President John Sigler is a pigeon shooter. Watch the video:






OPERATION BRIGHT LIGHT: The Drunk Driving Special Edition











Ryan Haas



Peter "The Duck"Streletz, PA
Winslow "The Beater" Tuttle, CT
Richard "The Mummy" Shackleton, NJ
Leo "The Dolt" Holt, PA
Joseph "Slob Father" Solana Jr.
"The Rotten Roofers"Richard + Jean Pieros, NJ
James "Dr. Diabolical" Cronk. D.M.D.

Jack "I can't remember my own name?" Godwin, NJ




Ken "With Child" Hassis, NJ

Sean "Rotten to the" Corr, PA

Joseph "Grandma" Ongenars, IL



Jordan "The Pomadour" Irving, PA

Kee "Legend in his own mind" Bubbenmoyer

Dr. Karl "The Killer Quack" Natriello, NJ